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Companies We Have Built Relationships With


Charter Me Bahamas is a boat charter company in The Bahamas. We have built a long term relationship with this amazing company not only but creating their website, but we also manage there advertisement. Using channels such as PPC, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing.


On Point Styles is a fashion boutique location in Nassau, Bahamas. We have created a high fashion website that showcase all their inventory. As a result of creating a website On Point have seen and increase in sales by 250%


The Beat Bib is a world famous make up accessory brand that sells globally. Working with this brand was a fun experience as we have created their website and built a social media marketing campaign to explore new markets.


Allure Swimsuit is a swimsuit fashion brand in the Bahamas. Our goal with this project was to design their website and help exploit ecommerce for this company. As a result of working with this brand they have seen tremendous growth within their market.

Traceline Bahamas

Traceline Bahamas is a online ecommerce shop in the Bahamas. Our goal with this project was to create a website that customers would place their orders for products and all orders would be delivered. We have also helped this brand in creating a better social media strategy for their market.


All Yours Virgin Remy is a leading hair and beauty store in Nassau, Bahamas. We have not only design a custom website to meet their needs but as a result of working closely with this brand marketing team their online sales are competitive with in store sales and they have reach more customers as a result.

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